Happy New Year 2020 \(^O^)/


The start of 2019 brought much heartache 💔…. I received news at the beginning of January of the sudden death of  my dearest and  beloved friend Said.  Months later my lovely George crossed the rainbow bridge after a long battle with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM).







2019 also brought many blessings…

I welcomed my little side-kick Chocolat after my friend Said passed away; and then my heart led me to adopt his big sister Daffodil in July. (Birch Haven Rescue).

I had many lovely family gatherings and outings including; The Wizard of Oz with Live Orchestra with Kristine as well as Michael Bublé, awesome camping adventures  and of course I always look forward to attending Gabe’s weekly soccer practices.

I got some new ink!  DYK  that  butterflies  are  deaf?  (Just like me) and the  diamond  tip  arrow is known as one of the hardest, toughest materials on earth! An arrow shaft with a diamond shape on it symbolizes the courage to move forward.

I participated in my first Mud Girl run with Kristine and her lovely girlfriends. (I’ve already signed up for this year’s race AND also the Mud Hero).


I attended my first Capital Pride Parade.  The parade in Ottawa attracted more than 100,000 people both marching and cheering on in a glorious display of love. 🏳️‍🌈 #LoveIsLove

Gabriel and I attended an awesome Ottawa FC Fury experience. We both got to play with the Fury soccer players and learn some new skills. Thanks CAANEO.

As a member of Soldier On, I was able to attend my first camp. I participated in several weeks of Dragon boat training at the Ottawa River Canoe club and we finished strong with a second place at the Constance Bay Dragon Boat races in early September.


I recently went back to my Angel cards. I believe they are guiding me every day and they know what is good for me.  I’m learning to trust them.

Life is always teaching us new lessons! Question is… are we listening and are we willing to put in the work needed to improve ourselves. #selflove


Looking forward to this New Year and all the Joy and Love that it will bring.

Said je pense à toi souvent et je sais que tu es un des anges qui me guident.❤️


About ottawadeafgirl

Deafened Mom of 2 great adult kids + Grand-maman to Gabriel |Dane rescue Mama| Prince 2 Practitioner |Marathoner|Triathlete|Diver |Cyclist #ottbike @soldieron #veteran #Armygirl
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