7 Rules to Follow If You Want to Live a Life Without Regrets

This is an awesome article! #noregrets

1. Do ridiculous things = like diving! My first check-out dives were in the Saint Laurence in 2012, the following weekend I was diving in Miami. My favorite diving location so far is Grand Cayman (Ocean Frontiers). I am hoping to be diving in Costa Rica sometime soon. (Remember, I am totally afraid of water)!

2. Choose the job that will teach you the most = sometimes taking on new challenges stretches us a little, do it anyway! I have learned so much in my current role.

3. Steer clear of charlatans and the toxic = if you can’t stay away, try to limit your exposure and ensure you stay grounded!

4. Value the quiet moments = staying grounded is key…a walk in the forest will do it for me! (especially when I have George with me)

5. Have a philosophy = just be kind to others #kindnesswins

6. Don’t compare yourself with other people = just don’t

7. Think about death = because it happens to all of us…even our pets. Just lost my 15 year old service dog two weeks ago.



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Deafened Mom of 2 great adult kids + Grand-maman to Gabriel |Dane rescue Mama| Prince 2 Practitioner |Marathoner|Triathlete|Diver |Cyclist #ottbike @soldieron #veteran #Armygirl
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