Mindset is everything

Earlier this year my longtime friend Barbara signed up for the NYC lottery Marathon. I wanted to seriously get back into running again so I thought this would be a great idea for me as well (it’s on my bucket list). Interestingly enough, this year the registration was up 50% according to this Canadian Running article. It is their 50th Anniversary after all so that totally makes sense.

This meant I needed to get busty and create a training plan! After searching around online for a bit, I found this app Run with Hal and created a customized training plan and then signed up for the Ottawa Race Weekend Half marathon…..one has to have incremental goals! The NYC Marathon race date is the 1st of November so I would have plenty of time to train.

This was to be my very first 100% solo race. I normally always ran with my running buddies, but this time, I was choosing to do this on my own.

Training began January 30th and it was going really well. I was getting stronger & faster and my recovery time was getting much better.

On February 26th I learned that I had not made the NYC lottery, but I was okay with that; I would continue training.

As covid19 was progressing I didn’t realize how stressed I was. Last week as I went out on my Wednesday run I felt totally deflated….the Ottawa Race Weekend race organizers were updating us on whether the race would go ahead or not, I was questioning if I should keep training etc.  It seems I had some frustration to burn off as my 1 km pace was 4:05!

Then a few days later I saw this on Twitter. Michelle was not concerned if there was going to be a race… she would STILL finish her half marathon training! This is exactly the motivation that I needed. Thanks girl!

I did my long run last Sunday (16km) and felt on top of the world once it was done. Running is what I need to stay mentally strong during this pandemic. #covid19

Keep on keeping on everyone, we WILL get through this! Do things that will help ground you and get outside and release some endorphins!

If running is not your thing here are 8 ways you can release endorphins naturally:

  1. Sniff some vanilla or lavender. …
  2. Take a little ginseng. …
  3. Take an online exercise class. …
  4. Seek out daily laughter. …
  5. Have sex. …
  6. Savour some chocolate. …
  7. Listen to music. …
  8. Eat something spicy.

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