Hearing Aids

oticon epoq

I’ve had the Oticon Epoq V hearing aids with streamer since 2012. The streamer allows me to pair any ‘Bluetooth’ device to my hearing aids. So far I’ve used it with my iPad to listen to music and videos, iPhone for music, videos and phone calls. I find it quite handy during conference calls.

I do have a funny story about these hearing aids.  A couple of years ago I was having lunch at Bridgehead and surfing my iPad AND listening to music when my Mom called. My iPhone automatically picked up the call and we started chatting. This one guy waiting in line to order his coffee was kind of confused and thought I was talking to him, so I put my streamer closer to my mouth (as if I was recording something) and he seemed relieved. It was quite funny and made me a little more aware of my surroundings while taking a call.

The only downside of these hearing aids so far is I cannot wear them during any physical activity or if it is really hot outside and I am sweaty. I’ve had to take them in for repair a few times as there was humidity inside them and they would not work.





Watch this movie on the history of Oticon.


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