About me

Walker and I

Hey I’m Michèle Simpson (pictured here with Walker) and I am hard of hearing. My parents discovered at a very young age that I had trouble hearing. It’s was not until my early 20’s that I lost most of my hearing, so that’s why you won’t hear much of a speech impairment in my voice.  I learned to rely on lip-reading and I still need this to get by today.

I received my first ever pair of hearing aids in 1990 while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.  That’s also when I discovered I could not lip read in the dark, surprise, surprise. So I’ll always need to have good lighting to be able to ‘hear’ you.  My kids used to tease me about that when they were young, I’d say “Turn the light on, I can’t hear you”. I thought that was a perfectly normal request.

If you know ASL (American Sign Language), that’s great as I always need somebody to practice with.


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  1. LOL @ turn the light on, I can’t hear you. That makes perfect sense to me!! 😉

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