Walker – HED

Walker - HED

Walker – Here he is waiting with me in the Porter lounge before a flight.


One of his favorite places is in front of the fireplace


He was such a constant companion in my life. Always by my side and super devoted.

Walker 2

My cutie pie.

Walker was my Hearing Ear dog (HED). He crossed the Rainbow bridge October 27, 2017, see my good-bye post.

He alerted me to sounds that he’d been trained for, like the doorbell, the microwave, the timer on the stove, the telephone, alarm clock and the most important one, the smoke alarm.  We had been together since September 2003. He retired in early 2016 and I adopted him.

He was such an amazing little helper and since he crossed the Rainbow bridge I still find it hard being without him helping me each and every day. (Well, I do burn more hard boiled eggs)

All the expenses of fostering him for the first year and training is paid by the Lions Foundation. They even paid for my train ride to Oakville, Ontario and put me up and fed me for 2 weeks while I was at the school training with him.

The Lions Foundation school (Dogguides.com) in Oakville is top notch. Stop by for a visit if you ever have the chance. They have open houses once in a while, check out their events calendar on their website.


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