Empty nest – Letting your babies go and handling change

Cory's apartment painting

I helped my son paint his new apartment last night. We had a really fun time and I admit to hitting the ceiling only a ‘few’ times with the roller 😉

It never gets easier for me to see my kids move on, moving out, getting married….etc I’ve always loved being a Mom so much, it feels so empty without them. But again I’ve never really done really well with change, and then I think again, I HAVE!

Cory's apartmentEveryday something is always changing in our lives, from our jobs to the type of coffee we make in the morning. The important thing is that although we can’t always control the change, we can embrace it and honor it. I dropped everything last night to go help him paint, because for me, that’s what love looks like. I also didn’t want to miss this opportunity to connect with him and see for myself how he’s living his life. We had many talks last night and I am so proud of him for having a strong opinion on things, but NOT forcing it on everybody else. He’s a well rounded young man! (Proud Mama moment)

So when things aren’t quite perfect (ie: paint on the ceiling) embrace life, take a deep breathe and take it one day at a time.

I highly recommend reading Who Moved my Cheese, it will help you see change in a different light and enjoy life with less stress and more success.  (I got the teen version for my step-daughter last year).


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1 Response to Empty nest – Letting your babies go and handling change

  1. The D’Arbelles house will be empty when he moves out. Then again, Alain can spot hiding his chips. HAHA

    Thanks for being such an awesome mommy!

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