Ghosts and Goblins & flashing lights?!


This was our first Halloween in our new hood. I was so excited that I was going to meet little kids from our neighborhood, I absolutely love Halloween and little kids. The puppies and I even wore a costume. Bandit wore Walker’s old Hearing Ear dog jacket (he was not impressed at first) and Walker just wore a hankie. Since I was hanging out at the front door all evening, I knew there would be no issues hearing the doorbell. I do normally have issues with that, so do you know how I know when the door bell rings? Other than Walker alerting me, I also have several of these flashing devices (like strobe lights) throughout our home (bedroom, basement & my office) and when someone rings, well, they go off. It’s like disco-town. In the busyness of handing out candy I hadn’t really paid any attention to them, until afterwards it dawned on me that they might have gone off a few times. The teen says “oh ya, they’ve been going off ll night!!” as she rolled her eyes.  Good thing she laughed about it 🙂

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween tonight. Now onto the candy.


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