Flash Alerts

I recently inherited an iPhone from my daughter and was having a look at all the accessibility features when I stumbled across LED flash for alerts. Just like my home alerting system when you turn on LED flash for alerts you get a bright alert when there is an incoming call. I don’t normally hear the phone unless the volume is maxed out (even at that, it’s basically a hit and miss), so when a call came in tonight the flash quickly caught my eye and I was able to grab the call. So glad I did because I got to share in someone’s amazing news!!

There are many more features available here.

So how do you make technology work for you?

Watch this!!


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Deafened Mom of 2 great adult kids + Grand-maman to Gabriel |Dane rescue Mama| Prince 2 Practitioner |Marathoner|Triathlete|Diver |Cyclist #ottbike @soldieron #veteran #Armygirl
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