Hearing aid woes

My right Oticon hearing aid stopped working yesterday…all of a sudden I could hear…tock, tock, tock in my ear. I knew that didn’t sound right, so I took it out and did my best to trouble-shooting the issue…I blew in it. Ha! That is the extent of trouble-shooting I do, I leave the fixing up to the professionals at Davidson’s Hearing Aid Centres.  

Imagine you are getting ready for work and discover something is wrong with one of your shoes…and you cannot wear it….I know, I know seems absurd to have only one pair, but stay with me here. You cannot function and go to meetings with only one shoe, well, you can but you will perhaps have a hard time getting around and people may give you strange looks, etc… 

Well, I cannot function with only one hearing aid, and now I’ll have to tell people in meetings (who may not even know I wear them) that my hearing aid is broken. For the record: I am still uncomfortable with the whole “Hey, I am hard of hearing” announcement during meetings. I am thankful that today was a quieter day at work with only one meeting and guess what? The sky didn’t fall when I made my announcement. #Thankful #Encouraging #SpeakUp #Deafgirl



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Deafened Mom of 2 great adult kids + Grand-maman to Gabriel |Dane rescue Mama| Prince 2 Practitioner |Marathoner|Triathlete|Diver |Cyclist #ottbike @soldieron #veteran #Armygirl
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