My blog turns 5 today!


5 years ago I launched my blog. My original thoughts behind this blog would be to help people understand my deafness and perhaps, a little deafness education. (see #5)

5 year blog

As I  was reflecting this morning on what to write, I decided to highlight 5 things that have touched my life in the last 5 years:


img_25572013: the year I launched my blog was also the year my daughter Kristine got married to her amazing partner Alain. Not only are these two super amazing people, they are also amazing role models on what great relationships should be. There is lots of love of course, and also resilience (they attended different Universities for the first 4 years of their relationship), their respect for each other, they support each other in everything they do (Alain has never missed attending one of her races) and they treat each other as equals.


img_25592014: I turned 50 this year and had the amazing opportunity to travel to Italy for a 4 day Duvine cycling adventure in Tuscany. Cycling  through Tuscany really allowed me to see the countryside and all that it has to offer. The picture of me above was taken as we were stopping for lunch at Villa Loggio on day two of the tour.

Andy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to travel the world by bike and to focus on the simple pleasures: enjoying food grown right where you eat it on the farm, spending time talking with a grandmother whose memories are a treasure trove, and experiencing the uncommon, authentic moments that make travel meaningful. ~ Andy Levine, Founder & CEO


2015: The year my life would change forever as I became a grand-maman. As her Doula, I held space for my daughter as my grandson Gabriel come earthside. This in itself was an amazing experience and I felt so honoured to be present during his birth, did you know he was born in the caul.

In medieval times the appearance of a caul on a newborn baby was seen as a sign of good luck. It was considered an omen that the child was destined for greatness!


2016: The year I fulfilled a life-long dream of owning a great dane. The hobby farm I lived on as a child had two great danes living up the hill; a fawn and a black one. I always found these dogs so majestic and vowed to own one!  I first saw George’s profile on the Danes in Distress Facebook page and decided to put in my adoption application. He was a senior (6 years old) and looked like such a gentleman. On July 1st, 2016 I drove to Toronto to meet him. We clicked straight away and I decided to take him home. Did you know that George  alerts me to the smoke alarm? This in itself is a true testament that we were meant to be together.


2017: October 27th, 2017 I said goodbye to my 15 year old Hearing ear dog Walker. I knew it was time and that he could not possibly make it through another one of our cold Canadian winters. Although it was a hard decision to make, it was the best decision for him.  What exactly do hearing ear dogs do?

Hearing Dog Guides assist individuals who are 10 years of age or older and who are deaf or hard of hearing to detect sounds they are unable to hear on their own. They have been taught to distinguish sounds, make physical contact with their handlers and lead them to whatever is making the noise; be it someone at the door, an alarm clock, or a ringing telephone.  Since 1988 graduates of the Hearing program have gained an increased sense of security knowing that they will always have a link to the world of sound through their Dog Guide. This allows handlers to be more at ease in their home environment. ~ Lions Foundation of Canada



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Deafened Mom of 2 great adult kids + Grand-maman to Gabriel |Dane rescue Mama| Prince 2 Practitioner |Marathoner|Triathlete|Diver |Cyclist #ottbike @soldieron #veteran #Armygirl
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