Rest in Peace my lovely George

Photo Credit: Keshet Kennels

My sweet George has passed away. I first introduced you to George in a post I did last year when my blog turned 5. When I rescued him on Canada day in 2016 from Danes in Distress I knew that he had a heart murmur and would need to be monitored closely but I had no idea what to expect. He was initially quite thin, weighing in  at 48 kg.  I worked hard to get him to a healthy weight and help him build more muscle mass. We had weekly runs at Keshet Kennels (his favorite being Timberland) and I walked him every day (approx 1.5 hours).  By the following summer he weighed a healthy 61 kg.

Things had been great up until last October when he was diagnosed with Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).  He was first seem by Dr. Greg as he was having difficulties breathing.  After ruling everything  else out we were referred to Dr. Boileau one of the best cardiologist in the region.

The cardiologist prescribed a series of medications right away. Some of the initial side effects of one medication (furosemide) made him pee a lot and also made him super thirsty. He was constantly going outside and eating snow. He also experienced what looked like some dizziness;  all these symptoms settled in time and he was much better after a couple of weeks.

By November 20th I started to see some weight loss.  He was eating, but loosing muscle mass which seems to be a side effect of cardiac  disease. By the end of January he weight 50.7 kg.

In early April I  took him to see Dr Greg again as he had blood in his urine and was showing signs of incontinence. After doing a urine test he discovered that he had a bladder infection. He was put on antibiotics.  He now weighed 47.6 kg.

At a follow up visit in May with Dr. Spina at the Greenboro veterinarian clinic (very close to my house) we discussed his quality of life. It was then that I knew I had to help him along and make the decision I dreaded.  I contacted Claire Place Veterinary Hospice  and within a  few days  the arrangements were made.

George died peacefully in the comfort of his own home on May 29th, 2019. RIP my lovely baby.

Thank you all for the love and compassion shown to him during his difficult time. He was greatly loved and is finally at peace. 🐾

Cremation Services: Eternal Companions


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