It’s a new day and a new week with new goals and new challenges!

Last Friday I renewed my membership at Movati Trainyards as I had let my membership lapse for a couple of years.  It was time to spread my wings and finally do this on my own again, but this time, so much stronger! For the last 8 months I have been training with Leslie at PRIME Personal Training Studio. I met her twice a week at 6:15 am to train for an hour. My goal was to strengthen my core as I’d been having some back issues  and last summer I actually dislocated a facet joint and let me tell you it was almost as painful as natural childbirth (been there done that) and I certainly did not want a re-occurrence! My last MRI revealed osteoarthritis in my facet joints, so I need to change things up if I had any hope of running again and also I need to keep up with my grandson Gabriel.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Leslie (check out her qualifications). She has great interpersonal skills and her knowledge of physiology and fitness is all but unmatched. She designed the perfect training plan for me and when I was ready to do so, would switch it up and increase the intensity. Leslie is very caring and attentive to what I need, she knew what my limits were, and how far she can push them. She encourages and motivates me to do better each and every day.

But I am not quite ready to let go 100% as I will be seeing her on Wednesday nights. She is offering a weekly small group strength training class at PRIME at 5:15 pm for only $20/class.

Remember to make it count and think happy thoughts! ‪ ‪#‎BeAwesome‬ ‪#‎FreshStart‬ ‪#‎Positive‬ #fitness #PersonalTrainer #Movati #Prime #PrimePersonalTraining #GetFitwithLes #Igotthis


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